7 HQ Hoffmanns Canard delta’s (Red version)

In addition to my 7 yellow delta canards, I also have these in red. This brings the total to 14 Delta Canards These deltas have three tails, the longest being a Tubetail of ten meters. the kite itself is one meter high and has a wingspan of one and a half meters

Premier Kites powersled 36

As an addition to my powersled collection I have purchased this Premier Kites powersled 36. The big advantage of this model is that it requires no build-up time. You fold it open and you can go up in the air.

Sebastian the cat

This is Sebastian, my "Premier kites" inflatable cat. I bought this in memory of my deceased cat who was 14 years old. The cat is a Line decoration of the large model cat that "Premier kites" has in their collection. You need a pilot kite to use this.

Kite festival Ameland 2019

There is a first time for everything, and also for the Ameland kite festival, it was a fun weekend full: Boats, water, kites, sand, kite friends, but above all beautiful and good kite weather Details of the festival LocationBuren beach, AmelandAmount of days2, saturday, sundayType soilSand The weather during the festival - Saturday, Sunday, August... Continue Reading →

Rijsbergse vliegerdagen 2019

For the third time I was at the kite festival of Rijsbergen, together with many kite friends. Also this time it was a collaboration between me and the team members of Windforce kite team! Details of the festival LocationTiggeltsestraat 13, RijsbergenAmount of days2, Saturday, SundaySoil typeGrass, unpaved The weather during the festival - Saturday, Sunday,... Continue Reading →

Windforce Kite Team

A while ago, I don't know exactly when, I ran into Arjan, Anette and Tim. Not that special in the beginning, but in now I can count them as my best kite friends. Team members These are from left to right: Arjan, Anette en Tim Kites They have a lot more and much larger kites... Continue Reading →

Kitefestival Twente 2019

For the very first time I participated in the KF Twente. This was normally not on the schedule, but because we were told earlier this year that the KF Westende would not take place, a place became available in the agenda and here i am ... Details of the festival LocationZalencentrum Spalink, Geesteren, NederlandAmount of... Continue Reading →

Kitefestival Renesse 2019

This time I participated the entire weekend in the festival, in the past, this was always one day. It was an eventful festival full of fun and many kite friends. Details of the festival LocationStrandpaviljoen Our Seaside, Renesse , NLAmount of days3, saturday, sunday and monsaysoil typeSand, dune The weather during the festival - Saturday,... Continue Reading →

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