Flying a kite abroad for the first time in 2020? That must certainly be in the Netherlands. Read all about it here.
For the second time I participated in the festival, it was already clear before we started […]
When I was in the kite shop of Maastricht to buy some spare parts, this little […]
After looking around on the internet, I came across these nice fish and I bought one […]
Last year, I already saw pictures of a fun festival, and I thought: “I want to […]
After my first Dopero maxi I recently bought this one, this is the small version and […]
In addition to my 7 yellow delta canards, I also have these in red. This brings […]
As an addition to my powersled collection I have purchased this Premier Kites powersled 36. The […]
This is Sebastian, my “Premier kites” inflatable cat. I bought this in memory of my deceased […]
There is a first time for everything, and also for the Ameland kite festival, it was […]
For the third time I was at the kite festival of Rijsbergen, together with many kite […]
A while ago, I don’t know exactly when, I ran into Arjan, Anette and Tim. Not […]