This year it was the 10th edition of the international kite festival Twente. A festival I was looking forward to. Not only because I could fly a kite again, but also because it was the first festival in my agenda where I could also fly a night kites. During the official opening there was also the regrettable news that the 10th edition was also the last edition.

Details of the festival
LocationZalencentrum Spalink, Geesteren
Amount of days2 days
Type of soilGrass

Thursday 30 June 2022

On Thursday, the adventure for the weekend began. After work, I immediately drove to Drunen in the Netherlands for the first stop.

I had booked a B&B there, apparently with a four-poster bed….

Nice and cozy!

Friday 1 July 2022

On Friday I first did some shopping in the local supermarket. after that it was time to drve to Vliegeren is voor iedereen HQ.

Then we drove on to the kite festival in Twente.

After a little over two hours we arrived at the kite site,

After setting everything up, it was time to fly some kites. I put on my Koinobories and Rob put his Stitch in the air.

Saturday 2 July 2022

Good morning Twente….

the first view I had from the outside looked good.

After breakfast, the kite flying could start, but the wind was not so strong.

the whole day it was off and on, unfortunately I couldn’t fly that much because of this,

There were a few kites lined up around the field. You can find part of it below.

Saturday 2 July 2022 – Night Kites

Night kites, a kite discipline in its own right.

I always like to set something up.

This time we were also visited by a hot air balloon that landed on the kite field.

Besides my lighted baby dragon, there were many more things to see around the field. from tiny butterflies to a giant cat.

Sunday 3 July 2022

On Sunday it was a bit the same weather as on Saturday, too little wind to really fly well.

Attempts were made to get something up in the air.

I myself had nothing in the air, but I have put some Taikoe next to the field

Around 3 pm I started cleaning up, and by 5 pm everything was back in the trailer

and it was time to drive back home.

However, I was not home until Monday, because I had booked a hotel for Sunday evening,


The weather was not one hundred percent what it should have been, but the many kites together made for a great party.

too bad there won’t be a new edition of this festival,

otherwise I would definitely join again