Finally, FINALLY, did I FINALLY say… After 3 years of postponement, the long awaited International Kite Festival Rijsbergse Vliegerdagen 2022 had arrived. This year I not only had a nice weekend, but I also helped with the build-up and breakdown. but before all this, I also visited the Efteling. I had planned my leave in function of the RVD.

Festival details
LocationTiggeltsestraat 13 in Rijsbergen
Amount of days7 days: 5 days holiday and 2 days festival
Type of soilGrass

Monday, August 15, 2022 – The outward journey

Na de laatste zaken af te handelen op het werk,After finishing the last things at work, I went to Drunen. This to my favorite hotel.

In the evening there was a BBQ at my friends from Vliegeren is fvoor iedereen, a great start of the holiday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 – The Efteling

It has been a year since I last visited Efteling.

After I was picked up at the hotel, it was a nice reunion with the entrance after a 20 minutes drive.

First up were some of the rollercoasters such as “De Vliegende Hollander” and “Joris en de Draak”.

After being thrown around well, we continued to visit the park with the quieter attractions in the lead

Below you will find some extra atmospheric photos

After the Efteling we went to the snack bar with the entire group to have something to eat, then it was time to go back to the hotel.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 – Direction Rijsbergen

Early in the morning I left the hotel in the direction of Rijsbergen, but around 8 am I first stopped at the supermarket in the village center

In the morning I set up my tent together with the shelter tent.

Then I had a short video call for work

After braving some rain it was time for dinner in the evening.

After that it was time to socialize with the rest and go over some details for the next day

Thursday, August 18, 2022- construction of a WiFi network

During the RVD we sponsored the WiFi connection with the company I work for an this I installed it on Thursday

Together with my new “company car” this went without a problem

The antennas hung on the poles that also held up the flags, so they were nice and incognito.

For those interested, we use a Starlink antenna from SpaceX for the internet link.

After having built up everything for the day, it was time to fly a kite,

The wind was not really that famous, but we were able to set up the rotor.

Friday August 19, 2022 – arrival day for other kite flyers

On Friday I put my radio in the exhibition tent,

Together with its matching kite of course

These were used in emergencies during WW2 and the period after.

The wind was a little better, so some kites could be flown during the day.

Saturday, August 20, 2022 – the Rijsbergse vliegerdagen

On Saturday the wind was a bit less, so we blew up some bigger things so that the public could also see something next to the field

Of course many other kite flyers tried to fly with many types of kites.

Of course there was much more to see, so I also went for a walk, the photos of which can be found below

Towards the end of the kite day, I stopped by a food truck for poffertjes, I couldn’t think of anything more Dutch than that…

But of course the day wasn’t over yet, because there was still…

Zaterdag 20 augustus – Nachtvliegeren

Since we participate in the light festival at the beginning of this year, we were asked to build our lights on the demo field, for this I also gave my company car a new look

One kite was just a little bigger than the other, but luckily it didn’t get any bigger than this balloon

Sunday, August 21, 2022 – Day 2 RVD

Where there were still kites the day before, everything was now empty again, time for a new kite day

The wind was better, so I could kite Sparky dry.

During the night kite flying the dew had fallen so hard that everything was soaking wet.

Vroom vroom, Paw patrol also suffered from the dew,

After hanging the orange and green Sushi for a while, everything was nice and dry,

In the afternoon, vote for the public award

Then enjoy the many kites

At the end of the day there was an award ceremony,

Unfortunately I didn’t win anything, but my friends from Vliegeren is voor iedereen took the grand prize.

Congratulations from us too!

After all visitors had gone home and the first kite flyers had also started to leave, it was time to break everything down again,

Monday, August 22, 2022 – journey home

After loading everything it was time to leave for home, perhaps with a slight reluctance…

Made a stopover on the way to unload the network material,

Then it was unloading the kites. As well as put the car and trailer back in place after which my leave also came to an end.


It was great again, I’m already looking forward to the 2023 edition.

The new sticker is back in place on my trailer

The festival could easily have taken a week longer.