The first kite event of the 2024 season was also a lights festival this year. This time we were for the 2nd time guests at Amarant Tilburg.

Gegevens van het festival

Date16 march 2024
Construction and DisassemblySaturday
Type soilStone
Kite teamTaiki productions


Saturday morning I left for Tilburg, I had my the trailer with me, with all the materials i needed inside.

After about two hours I was on site

It was a nice reunion with the crew.

After saying a good day to everyone, we started laying the main electricity cables and distribution boxes.

Once power was available everywhere, construction could begin.

Yako immediately had a nice spot on the field

After setting up Sparky, it was time for the Taikoe flock.

Once everything was set up, we had to wait until darkness fell.

Lights in the night

When night fell, the lights could be turned on.

The residents came by to admire them all.

Yako also felt completely in his element in his tiny house.

In addition to my kites, there were also many other illuminated kites to admire

From the sky

Our kite friend Stephan also brought his drone with him for some aerial photos.

Below you will find some of the photos he shared with me.