The Wind Festival Texel is one of the most anticipated events of the year and takes place every first weekend in October. However, when we also received the message last year that a second event of the year would also be organized in April, I didn’t hesitate for a moment.

The first weekend of April 2022 it was finally so far, the first edition of 2022 finally took place. The first festival on Texel was also the first major festival of the year for me.

Details of the festival
LocationPaal 19,5 – Paal 21, Texel, The Netherlands
Amount of days2 days
Type of soilSand

Sunday – 27 march 2022

The story begins on March 27, just after the kite festival in Zeebrugge. Due to the bad weather on the last day, I was home earlier than planned.

At home the weather was better, which gave me the opportunity to pack the car for Texel.

Friday – 1 april 2022

We fast forward a few days to the morning of April 1.

I woke up, looked outside and to my surprise I saw snow on the roof…

Some not so sweet words crossed my mind.

After the necessary mental preparation, I left for Texel.

Fortunately, the weather at Taiki HQ was not the set weather for the rest of the route.

The closer to Texel, the more beautiful the weather became.

Once on the boat, we could sail towards Texel under a shining sun. It was a bit on the fresh side, but I gladly took that with it.

Arriving on the island I first drove to the B&B. It was a cozy room located in De Cocksdorp.

Definitely worth repeating.

After checking in, I went to visit my kite friends of VLiegeren is voor iedereen for dinner.

Saturday – 2 april 2022

On Saturday I woke up to the view of a breakfast basket

How beautiful life can be 😉

My surprise grew when I went to the car to leave for the festival site

There was a small layer of snow. Something that, according to the B&B owner, rarely occurs and certainly not in April…

After breakfast and the subsequent welcome meeting in the beach club, it was time to fly a kite.

I started by setting up my rotor. Unfortunately, it broke down halfway through the day, so I putted it back in his bag.

The VIVI friends also had put something in the air.

however, due to the strong wind conditions, I was unable to take a walk on Saturday to take more pictures. You can find the other photos I was able to take below.

At the end of the day after we had all the kites broken down and put away, we were picked up. it was time for dinner, then I returned to the B&B. After the necessary shower I went to sleep.

Sunday – 3 april 2022

On Sunday the weather was much better, the wind more stable, all in all a more pleasant day.

The day started like on Saturday, getting up, getting dressed, having breakfast, driving to the beach, unloading the car, loading the dozer and taking it to the beach.

As the first kite, I set up Team Sushi. Then it started to rain and it was time for coffee…

After rain comes sunshine, this was also the case here. After the short rain shower and the coffee or in my case hot chocolate, other kite flyers also started to set up.

Today I was able to make a round, below you will find a selection of the many kites in the air that day.

Due to the stable wind, I was also able to take some aerial photos. Through the x-thousand I have taken, i selected these.

I also filmed with the gopro, the result can be found below:

After the kite festival I had a quick bite to eat before taking the boat back home at 6 pm.

At 6 pm I was on the boat to the mainland.

After 4 hours of driving I was finally home. and my car was able to go into the garage.


It was a nice and pleasant reunion with various kite friends and a successful festival.

I am looking forward to the next edition.