The first kite festival of 2023 was a Lightfestival this year. This time back at Amarant but at a different location. The weather was a bit against us at the end, but we still had a great time.

The preparation

We started the event season with a much needed wash for the Taiki mobile

After the wash, time to load the car

the car was still empty, so everything had to be loaded before the lightfestival.

Kites, lights, blowers, etc… everything had to be in the car.

Saturday March 18 – Lightfestival

Arriving in Tilburg on Saturday, after a three-hour drive and arranging a hotel stay, it was time to enter the festival and start the construction.

Sparky and his truss construction was the first of my kites to be set up.

With the help of some fellow kite flyers everything was set up very quickly.

After Sparky, it was the turn to the Taikoe herd.

For this I came up with something new this year. Not only has the herd doubled in size. But the herd has now also been put in a pasture.

This way the Taikoe can no longer run away. The pasture fence is equipped with lighting, so they can also be seen during night kite flying and lightfestivals

After that, Yako made his first appearance at an event.

Yako doesn’t have built-in lighting like Sparky, so I’m using some external lighting to illuminate the inflatable.

There were more kite flyers participating in this event, below an overview of all the other kites:

After dinner it was time to turn on the lights

and the kites really came to life.

Yako was illuminated by two Ayra lightbars that are linked to each other via DMX. this way the light remains the same on both sides.

Sparky has internal lighting and lights up completely once the batteries are in it.

The Taikoe herd looked good in the dark.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the event early due to weather conditions.

after taking everything down between the showers and socializing with the other kite flyers, it was time to go down to the hotel.

Sunday 19 march

The next morning, after a generous breakfast / brunch at the hotel, it was time to return home.

After checking out and the last check of the cargo on the roof, I could leave.

On the way I made a stop to drop of the trusses at the office.

then after another hour of driving it was finally time to put the car back in the garage.

It was a great festival for a first edition at that location. I’m hoping for a sequel.