The last kite festival of 2022 has yet again became a typical kite festival, where only one of the two days where suitablee to fly kites. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us from making it a fun festival.

Festival details
LocationPaal 20, Texel
Amount of days2 days, Saturday and Sunday
Type of soilSand

Friday, September 30, 2022 – The outward journey

On Friday morning everything was already packed in the car and I was ready to go,

I just had to cram the technical stuff into the car.

Daarna kon ik de rit naar Texel aanvangen

After several hours on the road, the destination of Den Helder slowly came into view.

Due to a malfunction with one of the two roro ferries, there was a long traffic jam in the port…

Just before I thought, I can join the boat, the port remained closed…

Then line up for the boat one hour later…

After a little over an hour, I was finally able to take a look at the top deck of the boat. Traditionally, this is accompanied by a hot chocolate and a sausage roll…

After 20 minutes on the boat, another 20 minutes drive on the island, I arrived at the B&B. There I made some preparations for the next day and it was time to provide myself with the necessary rest

Saturday, October 1, 2022 – Day 1

After I woke up and opened the window, I saw that it was not good.

It was raining… and that wasn’t good.

After consultation at the beach bar, it was decided to cancel the activities for Saturday.

Time for some alternative activities.

We found this alternative by visiting the museum Kaap Skil.

In the museum there was a lot to see about the history of Texel. Definitely worth seeing.

After the museum, we walked through the harbor for a while.

There they also had a shop where they sold parts for boats. There I was able to hook up a few kite attributes.

To stay in the theme of boats.

After visiting the harbor I went back to the B&B. There I found out that my co-partner had secretly tied the knot (wink wink).

Time for champagne!

after conveying the necessary congratulations and a short power nap, I received a phone call from the Vliegeren is voor iedereen gang… asking if we were going to eat something in a certain restaurant.

it was a restaurant where they combined dinner and theater,

a special combination where we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves

Sunday, October 2, 2022 – Day 2

On Sunday we managed to fly a kite, we started to bring the material to our spot on the beach.

After that, The kites where soon in the air.

not only my kites, but also the kites of the many fellow kite flyers.

I myself was not able to take a walk that day to photograph the many kites,

because of this I have listed the photos shared in the whatapp group below
All credits go to fellow kite flyers.

Sunday, October 2, 2022- Demolition and return journey

After the kite party it was time to break down and start the long journey home.

to finish the weekend as we started it..

See you all at the next event.