It had been a while since I last participated in this fun festival, but this year it was time again. After a muddy start, some rain and sun, it was still very much enjoyable.

Festival details

FestivalSaturday- Sunday
Ground typeGrassland, Mud
Kite teamsTaiki productions, Vliegeren is voor iedereen, Sky pirates

Friday May 3, to Valkenswaard

The journey to Valkenswaard went smoothly and without any issues. The real adventure began when we arrived at the field.

Due to the rain in the past few days, the field was muddy.

But luckily, the farmer came to our aid with his tractor.

The car was not a problem; fortunately, I have a button to adjust to the type of terrain I’m driving on.

After setting everything up, it was time for the tent and the solar panel.

There was still a bit of wind, so I could fly a kite for a while… or should I say about 20 of them.

I also took out my eddy train from the bag. I had linked it with my smallest Conyne, which I used as a lifter.

After flying kites, it was time to clean up and prepare for the next day.

Saturday May 4

Good morning, I woke up with a view of the cows.

We started the festival with light wind kites, like my Red Kite

This beautiful Angel from ‘Vliegeren is voor iedereen’ also had no trouble with this light wind.

As the day progressed, the wind picked up, and more kites could fly to the sky.

For me, this was Team Sushi; it seemed at first that only a few could fly,

but the gang was complete with 7 pieces.

Sunday, May 5

Did someone say MOOH? These cows did!

Festival day 2 could begin,

with warm chocolate milk…

Then I headed to the kite field.

The first lifters could soon take to the sky, although the wind was far from stable…

But when the wind was somewhat stable, there was much to admire in the sky,

like Paw Patrol

or The Duck Tails being chased by a jellyfish…

Everything was possible, although it was just a bit too little wind for this gigantic panda.

The wind completely died down in the late afternoon, and the sun came out.

This allowed all the kites and the tent to be neatly packed away dry.

Then it was time to return home.

But first, getting off the field again. That proved to be a challenge for some.

I could easily drive off the field with the trailer, thanks to my magical button.

A few hours later, I was back home at the Taiki headquarters. And the trailer, it’s back in storage until we need it for the next festival.

More pics

Here are more photos from the weekend.


The weather was a bit of a spoiler, but unfortunately, we can’t control that ourselves. But it certainly didn’t make it any less enjoyable.