I was asked who would like to participate in krijsbergen. Of course I didn’t have to think about this

Once it was certain that we were going to participate with the group, the preparations began

So I bought a box and put it in a different color,

all to make a dragons treasure chest

After a cloth and chocolate coins the treasury was approved.

Saturday, October 29, 2022 – Halloween

Dthe trusses that were still on the car after the light festival in Tilburg, also came in handy here.

I didn’t really have a place to attach Sparky to, so I solved it like this

Of course there were even more illuminated kites, decorated in Halloween theme.

Below an overview

This time I did unload my trusses at their storage location after the party. the car was back in the stable around 2 o’clock at night,

time to walk home and enjoy a good night’s sleep