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Flying a kite abroad for the first time in 2020? That must certainly be in the Netherlands. Read all about it here.
Last year, I already saw pictures of a fun festival, and I thought: “I want to […]
For the second time I participated in the festival, it was already clear before we started […]
It was the second time that I participate at this kite festival. The weather was not […]
There is a first time for everything, and also for the Ameland kite festival, it was […]
On Monday 12 August I had to be in Meppel (NL) for an education about the […]
For the third time I was at the kite festival of Rijsbergen, together with many kite […]
A while ago, I don’t know exactly when, I ran into Arjan, Anette and Tim. Not […]
For the very first time I participated in the KF Twente. This was normally not on […]
This time I participated the entire weekend in the festival, in the past, this was always […]
For the first time there was an international kite festival in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands. It was […]
This year it was for them as for me a special edition, we are both 5 […]
As a yearly tradition, I participated again at the kite festival of Zeebrugge this year. This […]
According to annual tradition, we also participate in spring kite flying at Zeebrugge this year. Everyone […]
This year we are participating for the second time at the kitefestival of Valkenswaard, as usual […]
This year we are participating for the third time at the Rijsbergse vliegerdagen, as usual the […]
As the clock ticked past the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, it marked […]
From 5 until 7 october, it was the Texel kite festival. It was my last festival of the 2018 Season. Here's the report of te weekend.
Let me introduce some of the Taiki productions friends: Vliegeren is voor iedereen.
A small kite exhibition in Etten-Leur i participated in together with some of my kite friends.
In the last weekend of august, there was the Kite Festival of Oirsbeek. It was a little rainy in moments but that aside, we had a nice festival weekend.
In August there was the 10th edition of kite days of Rijsbergen. you can read here about the adventures that I had during the weekend.
The kite festival of Antwerp, one of the few festivals in Belgium. But still it's worth a stop.
There is a first time for everything, also for a kite festival. This was the first time there was one in Le Portel and i was there.
Even if i'm on a holiday break, i take my kites with me to take some aerial pics. These were taken at the campsite.