In 2020 I was allowed to fly a kite in front of the beach pavilion for the first time [Read here]. At the time, this was not an organized festival but a pleasant gathering among like-minded people.

This time it was different, a really organized kite festival. Like last time, we were again in front of De Stern, the beach pavilion at Strandslag 10 Abbestee at Callantsoog. we all gave it our best and at De Stern they were also very happy.

Details of the festival
LocationBeach pavilion De Stern, Callantsoog
Days2 days
Type of soilSand

Friday – 20 may 2022

On Friday I started the first stage at home, i left in time because I had an appointment in Heusden [NL] with the friends of Vliegeren is voor iedereen.

We took a short break there after which we left for Callantsoog together.

Arriving at the campsite it was a real drama. Heavy rain made setting up the tent not a fun activity .

Tent flooded, my only sweater was soaked (didn’t have a jacket with me..), shoes were just like a pond… result, we quickly went to the Decathlon in Alkmaar.

Once back in Callantsoog we had arranged to meet in De Stern for dinner and to discuss the activities of the coming weekend.

Saturday – 21 may 2022

The day started well, with the baker (kuch kuch ku-neighbour-ch kuch) at home.

The weather was also a world of difference.

The weather was beautiful, with a good breeze.

So we were able to put kites in the air very quickly.

We could also admire some nice natural phenomena, such as this halo

Of course there was also time to pick up some kites that were last out of the bag a while ago, such as this parachute panda.

The wind was also fairly stable, ideal for some aerial shots to round out the day.

Sunday – 22 may 2022

On Sunday I had the chance to test my repair I made on my rotor,

a few minor tweaks were needed, but I was able to fix that on the spot

The day went on like Saturday,

good wind and many kites

After the festival and after we had said goodbye to the beach bar and to each other, it was time to return home.

After a fierce ride of 2 stages of 2.5 h each, I was finally home

As the last action of the day I moved all the kites from the trailer to the car. Everything was immediately ready for the Westende kite festival.


Glad I was back at Callantsoog. it was nice.
And for next year: Count me in, I’m comming back!!!