The next Belgian festival planned was this one by De Panne. This year’s Wind Festival took place on the weekend of 25 June. The day started with a small beach because the tide was always at its highest around noon, after that we had plenty of room to fly many extra kites.

Details of the festival
LocatieDe Panne beach
Amount of days 2 days
Type of soilSand

Saturday 25 June 2022

I started the day with an easy going kite, waiting for the tide to turn.

Around 1 pm there was a beach again that was a bit bigger. Time to put Team Sushi in the air.

Other kites fliers did the same and soon the beach was filled with all kinds of kites, rotors, fish and so on

There were also strange objects to be seen, such as this kite. There is only 1 stick in it and the rest is inflated. Once in the air, the disc spins.

At the end of the day, it started to rain a little. Time to load the car.

The ease of flying a kite in De Panne is that you can literally reach the beach by car.

of course there was more to admire. You can find all the other beautiful things from Saturday below.

Sunday 26 June 2022

around 10 o’clock I arrived at the beach and immediately saw the first kites in the air.

After unloading myself, I also started to fly kites.

I had set up the first kites, but did not take the tide into account,

After a while they were above the water.

However, if the wind drops, flying a kite above water, especially the sea, is not such a good idea.

Later in the day, they were dry and airborne again.

As the day went on, the beach got bigger and the wind better.

there were also many kites in the air on Sunday.

below you can find a small part of the many kites on sunday.

Unfortunately I was not able to take aerial photos. but i did do something else.

I made an adjustment to the picavet and I can now also stream live from the kite,

The Facebook live video can be found below.

At the end of the day, when everything had been cleaned up, the people of kite team De Kleine Fenix were still practicing on the beach.


It was great again, pretty nice weather and pretty good wind
what we need more

A kite festival for example….

See you next time