Last year, Rene from the friends of kite team Sky pirates asked me if liked going with hem to the kite festival of Berck-Sur-Mer in France one of their team members couldn’t join. I thought for a full minute and then said wholeheartedly: “yes, I’m coming along” and so it happened. A few months later the time had finally come and I left for Berck.

Gegevens van het festival
LocationBerck Plage – Berck-Sur-Mer
Days3 days – Saturday to Monday
Kite teamsTaiki productions / Sky pirates

Saturday April 15

Early on Saturday morning I received the message that the Sky Pirates’ car started driving in the Netherlands and they quickly crossed the border into Belgium.

Time to also start my route towards the point where our routes intersect. This time it was in Veurne near the Belgian/French border.

In Veurne it was a matter of clicking the Bip and Go on the window to pass by the Peage with ease.

It was exciting because it had been 5 years since I last used it and I had no idea if it still worked.
When the beep sounded at the first toll gate and the gate opened, all nerves were instantly gone.

After having to drive further because the Sky Pirates bus had missed the exit, and another hour’s drive, we finally arrived in Berk.

After unloading our equipment into the apartment, it was time to officially register. The necessary car stickers and goodies later, it was time to eat something first.

Today spaghetti was on the menu.

After dinner it was time to load up and head to the beach.

The first thing to do was set up a tent on the beach

The wind wasn’t very good for my big stuff. First something small to start the day, Sebastian the cat really enjoyed it.

and then the wind came up. Sebastian went back into the kite bag, and out came Yako the fox.

When Yako was in the air and I turned around I saw that it was good.

there were many other kite flyers who also took advantage of the wind.

After flying the kite it’s time for dinner and of course dessert.

Then it was off to the apartment and enjoying the sunset.

Sunday April 16

On Sunday, the morning started with fog, a lot of fog. The beach could not be seen from the apartment even though it is barely 50 meters away…

The fog cleared, but the wind was not yet there.

Time to take out my indoor/light wind kite.

when the wind began to increase, I made an attempt to fly my double conyne.

With varying degrees of success.

The lunch tent opened again at 12 o’clock, today on the menu, meat and vegetables…

In the afternoon, it was time to fly kites again.

As the day progressed, the wind picked up and gradually more and more large kites appeared on the field.

I even tried a short KAP session, not with my normal Picavet, but with a kind of light version

My first real participation in Berck, 3 days of de-stressing on the beach.

After flying the kite it was time for Pizza, the only requirement was “meat”

Monday April 17

Monday was the last day of Berck for me, time to enjoy it even more

It’s been a while since I brought this one out, but today I finally had my Rotor again,

Gradually more kites returned to the beach.

There was also plenty to see next to the kite field, such as this large octo

The afternoon comes faster and faster than you would like,

today: leek, chicken and potato slices

In the afternoon there was more wind, time for KAP, KAV and many more kites

At the end of the day it was time for me to go home.

After a two-hour drive, I was finally back home and the reminiscing could begin.