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For the first time in several years, I returned to a kite festival in Antwerp, and it was amazing.
Kite Flying in Valkenswaard. The first kite festival in the Netherlands this year.
Het vliegerfestival van Berck, Groot, leuk en in Frankrijk. Dat is een ja voor mij.
A fun festival with a surprising touch
My first real participation in Berck, 3 days of de-stressing on the beach.
Halloween, Kites, Lights and Rijsbergen... OoO and a treasure. What more could you want for a fun Halloween party
A festival of lights in the Netherlands, how can I say no to that...
The last big kite festival of 2022, I couldn't miss that,
After 3 years again a kite festival in Rijsbergen. I have one word for it AMAZING
The 10th and last edition of kite festival Twente. Another big kite party
De Panne, a kite festival in my backyard. Of course I was there
Kite Festival Westende. Nice weather, good wind and many kite friends. Another crazy adventure.
A few weeks ago there was the kite festival at Callantsoog. It was a nice reunion with the beach at De Stern.
The Wind Festival Texel is one of the most anticipated events of the year and takes […]
Every year in August, a big kite festival is organised in Rijsbergen. Last year, however, it […]
After the Texel kite festival I still felt like flying a kite and because the weather […]
After a year without a Wind Festival, during the first weekend of October the time had […]
For the first time in a long time I had the chance to take a week […]
After a long period of not being able to go to the Netherlands to fly kites […]
Winter is coming to an end, we fly kites into spring
Een vlieger weekendje op twee locaties en met enkele downs maar met nog veel meer up's.
After a long time, a nice kite weekend with friends again. This is my report on the Callantsoog kite weekend. Enjoy
Flying a kite abroad for the first time in 2020? That must certainly be in the Netherlands. Read all about it here.
Last year, I already saw pictures of a fun festival, and I thought: “I want to […]
For the second time I participated in the festival, it was already clear before we started […]