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Flying a kite in a different country than what we are used to, namely: Portugal
A fun festival with a surprising touch
My first real participation in Berck, 3 days of de-stressing on the beach.
Halloween, Kites, Lights and Rijsbergen... OoO and a treasure. What more could you want for a fun Halloween party
A festival of lights in the Netherlands, how can I say no to that...
The last big kite festival of 2022, I couldn't miss that,
After 3 years again a kite festival in Rijsbergen. I have one word for it AMAZING
The 10th and last edition of kite festival Twente. Another big kite party
De Panne, a kite festival in my backyard. Of course I was there
Kite Festival Westende. Nice weather, good wind and many kite friends. Another crazy adventure.
A few weeks ago there was the kite festival at Callantsoog. It was a nice reunion with the beach at De Stern.
The Wind Festival Texel is one of the most anticipated events of the year and takes […]
Every year in August, a big kite festival is organised in Rijsbergen. Last year, however, it […]
After the Texel kite festival I still felt like flying a kite and because the weather […]
After a year without a Wind Festival, during the first weekend of October the time had […]
For the first time in a long time I had the chance to take a week […]
After a long period of not being able to go to the Netherlands to fly kites […]
Winter is coming to an end, we fly kites into spring
Een vlieger weekendje op twee locaties en met enkele downs maar met nog veel meer up's.
After a long time, a nice kite weekend with friends again. This is my report on the Callantsoog kite weekend. Enjoy
Flying a kite abroad for the first time in 2020? That must certainly be in the Netherlands. Read all about it here.
Last year, I already saw pictures of a fun festival, and I thought: “I want to […]
For the second time I participated in the festival, it was already clear before we started […]
It was the second time that I participate at this kite festival. The weather was not […]
There is a first time for everything, and also for the Ameland kite festival, it was […]