In August there was the 10th edition of kite days of Rijsbergen. you can read here about the adventures that I had during the weekend.
The kite festival of Antwerp, one of the few festivals in Belgium. But still it's worth a stop.
There is a first time for everything, also for a kite festival. This was the first time there was one in Le Portel and i was there.
Even if i'm on a holiday break, i take my kites with me to take some aerial pics. These were taken at the campsite.
I do not always take pictures from the air, sometimes I take pictures of the sky. This time it's a lunar eclipse that I may experience during my holidays.
A evening walk next to the IJsselmeer dyke, an ideal opportunity to take the kite out.
At the Pentecost weekend there was the 3th edition of the kitefestival at Renesse in the Netherlands
On te 15th of april i planned a visit to one of the biggest festivals i my region and for once, i took te dog with me.
Wenduine, a small kite-meeting near De Haan, a beautiful day of kiting with friends.
The biggest kite festival in Belgium. It coincides with the fishing weekend and brings a lot of participants and a lot of public every year.
The report on my first time visit to te kite-festival of Valkenswaard.
My koinobori windsocks,   They are a swarm of small fishes, together they form a nice […]