My kites

Below you can find all my kites that I have in my kite collection.

The list has been fully completed, but because not all kites are on photo, you can see a question mark here and there. I update it as soon as I can.

Pilot kites

Pilot kites can be stick kites as well as inflatable kites. They are mainly used to lift things such as cameras for KAP and line laundry. You have light wind pilot kites as well as heavy wind pilot kites and everything in between.

Conyne kite train

Dubbele Pearson Roller

Maxi Dopero

HQ Treczoks cody

HQ 7.0 Flowform

HQ XXXL Power sled 15.0

HQ XL Power sled 6.0

HQ Power sled 3.0

Premier kites power sled 36

Show Kites

Show kites are made to steal the show, as the name suggests. usually I don’t put them too high on the kite field so that everyone can enjoy them.


Mad Hatta

Karl Longbottom’s Phoenix kite


Red kite

14 HQ Canard Delta’s


Parachute Pirate ted

Parachute piggy

Parachute Panda

Parachute teddy

HQ Hoffmann’s bowkite

HQ Pearson roller

Big box kite

Rhombus mini bird: Eagle

Rhombus mini bird

Karl Longbottom’s Swan Kit

Red Barron Kite

Line laundry

According to some, line laundry creations do not belong to the kite family, because these beautiful imposing figures cannot fly kites of their own. You always need a pilot kite to pull it into the air. What is certain, is that these attract a lot of audience on the kite field.

Sparky the baby dragon


Team Sushi

Koinobori Fishes

Sebastian the cat

Pearl The Whale

Marlow the whale

Lola the dolphin

Snowflake the dolphin

Yako the nine tailed field fox

wind fun

These are not kites, they are in the kite bag with most kitesflyers and that are these nice bouncers. You decorate the bare kite field with it, so there is something to see on the ground.

Taikoe, Taikou, Taikouh,
Taikooh, Taikoo
Taicoe, Taicou, Taicouh,
Taicooh, Taicoo

Nathaniel the ladybug

Koinobori pole

5,5m bol

Special configurations

Many kites are put in special configurations, some examples can be found here

Flock of Taikoe

Delta Conyne kite train

Double Delta Conyne kite train

Night kites

Some of my kites are also night kites, so you can also use them in the dark. Night kites can be pilot, show kites and line laudry.

Koinobori (Night mode)

Sparky (night mode)

Flock of Taikoe (night mode)

Special and historic kites

Here are all the kites I have that are historical important or can’t fit in any other category,

Double sail messenger

60+ year old Gibson Girl emergency Kite

Gibson Girl emergency radio