7 HQ Hoffmanns Canard delta’s (Red version)

In addition to my 7 yellow delta canards, I also have these in red. This brings the total to 14 Delta Canards These deltas have three tails, the longest being a Tubetail of ten meters. the kite itself is one meter high and has a wingspan of one and a half meters

Premier Kites powersled 36

As an addition to my powersled collection I have purchased this Premier Kites powersled 36. The big advantage of this model is that it requires no build-up time. You fold it open and you can go up in the air.

Sebastian the cat

This is Sebastian, my "Premier kites" inflatable cat. I bought this in memory of my deceased cat who was 14 years old. The cat is a Line decoration of the large model cat that "Premier kites" has in their collection. You need a pilot kite to use this.

Kite festival Ameland 2019

There is a first time for everything, and also for the Ameland kite festival, it was a fun weekend full: Boats, water, kites, sand, kite friends, but above all beautiful and good kite weather Details of the festival LocationBuren beach, AmelandAmount of days2, saturday, sundayType soilSand The weather during the festival - Saturday, Sunday, August... Continue Reading →

Rijsbergse vliegerdagen 2019

For the third time I was at the kite festival of Rijsbergen, together with many kite friends. Also this time it was a collaboration between me and the team members of Windforce kite team! Details of the festival LocationTiggeltsestraat 13, RijsbergenAmount of days2, Saturday, SundaySoil typeGrass, unpaved The weather during the festival - Saturday, Sunday,... Continue Reading →

Windforce Kite Team

A while ago, I don't know exactly when, I ran into Arjan, Anette and Tim. Not that special in the beginning, but in now I can count them as my best kite friends. Team members These are from left to right: Arjan, Anette en Tim Kites They have a lot more and much larger kites... Continue Reading →

Kitefestival Twente 2019

For the very first time I participated in the KF Twente. This was normally not on the schedule, but because we were told earlier this year that the KF Westende would not take place, a place became available in the agenda and here i am ... Details of the festival LocationZalencentrum Spalink, Geesteren, NederlandAmount of... Continue Reading →

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