This year it was for them as for me a special edition, we are both 5 years busy. I received a flower, they a lanyard. Everyone happy

Details of the festival
LocationDommelvallei, Valkenswaard, NL
Amount of days2, saturday and sunday
soil typeGrass, unpaved
The weather during the festival  - Saturday and sunday, 4 and 5 may 2019
SkyCloudy, rainy, hail, sun
Wind speed0 to 25km/h
Kite flying on Friday - May 3, 2019

Around two o’clock I was there and there were already some kites in the sky

But first set up my tent

After a journey of about 3 hours I arrived in Valkenswaard. as usual I have encountered everything along the road, with the biggest problem in Antwerp. Around two o’clock I was there and there were already some kites in the sky. But first I set up my tent so that I didn’t have to spend the night under the open sky.

Once the tent was set up and I went shopping, it was up to me to let something fly, it wasn’t much and I don’t have a picture of it either. At 8 pm there was a welcome drink where it was a happy reunion with some of the kite friends I hadn’t seen for a long time. Then I went to sleep. With a thick sleeping bag for hopefully a not too cold night.

Kite flying on Saturday - May 4, 2019

Saturday morning, after breakfast it was time to fly some kites. After a while the sister of one of the kite friends came to me and told me that her brother was admitted to the hospital of Mol the night from Friday to Saturday, which was obviously less pleasant news to start the day, but the health comes first.

We at Taiki productions therefore wish him a good recovery

There was of course also kiteflying that day, there was much to see between 10 and 17 hour, then it was time for dinner and night flying.

A small photo summary can be found below:

Night flying on Saturday - May 4, 2019

Of course I also participated in night flying, but due to circumstances this was only 80%, just when it was the darkest moment, my Dopero decided to break up, nevertheless it was a nice but fresh experience.

I don’t have many photos of night flying, provided that I was busy with my Koinobori myself, but I still managed to take some next-to-field photos

Just when it was the darkest moment, my Dopero decided to break up

Typically my Dopero, it breaks every time I fly with it
Kite flying on Sunday - May 5, 2019

Sunday, the second and last day of the kite festival, the weather followed the same line as the day before, but this was good enough to push some nice kite into the air again.

A summary of these beautiful kites can be found below:

So this was the kite festival for this year, I would like to thank the entire organization to turn it into something great. see you all at the next festival and certainly at the 2020 edition

To finish

As the last pictures I have some of the KAPs, how could I forget these. Enjoy