On Monday 12 August I had to be in Meppel (NL) for an education about the work I do. Because my friends of the Windforce kite team live on two thirds of my route, I agreed with them to fly a kite together and this on the Heide

Data of the day
LocationSchaapskooi GH
Amount of days1, Sunday
Type of soilGrass, unpaved
Weather of the day
SkyCloudy, Sun
Windspeed20 to 25 km/h
Temperature20 – 25°C
Kite flying on Sunday - August 11

For me it was the first time in the freely accessible military domain. Here you can walk freely and also fly a kite as long as you do not disturb the exercises.

Fortunately there was nothing to do that day and we had plenty of room to fly a kite

I brought my Flowform and Turbine with some other pilots. Arjan had brought out his Heksebeest

Besides Arjan with his Heksebeest, Tim was also flying a kite, he had a Box kite with which I don’t remember the name of …

Other photos of the day are:

Besides just flying a kite and taking some pictures, I tried to KAP. Just when I pulled out my Picavet, I discovered that there was a defect, so I could only take photos from a certain position.

PS: in the meantime the picavet has been restored and is operational again as it should be

It was a fun day full of kite friends, definitely worth repeating!

See you next time!