On Sunday 13 September I went to Zeebrugge for a day of kiting on the beach. the weather was ideal and therefore also ideal to test some new things.

Sparky and others

One of the new kites in my collection is Sparky.

The wind was right right away, the Flow went up in the air and then Sparky the baby dragon followed

After Sparky was in the air, I also pulled out my turbine. It wasn’t even in the air for a minute when there were people taking pictures as usual.

Octopus and Team Sushi were also there.

as the day progressed and some audience came to watch I heard a girl in the background, I think about 8 years old, making herself busy and angry at her little kite that she had with her.

The little girl with the kite

Her kite did not fly well and was fairly unstable. Was also put wrong together and the bridle line was wrong.

I immediately gave her a hand, put the kite together correctly, adjusted the bridle line and made the tail a bit heavier.

after that the flight went well. and the girl was happy.

Then I lent her my Mayan Double Delta Conyne Kite.

A lot of kites

there were many other kites and kites, below a small impression of the day