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Its sad to tell but most of the “bigger” kite festivals are gone in Belgium, (like […]
I’ve spotted the kite festival of Renesse on a smal event page on Facebook, So we’ve […]
it was the second year we’re there. bad weather, bad winds,… it wasn’t fine. Although we […]
The farthest kite festival we did so far is the one in “Berck sur mer” in […]
The kite festival of “Antwerpen 2015” is our very first one, nice weather, good winds and […]
Hello, I’m Steve, Founder of the project. Since i’ve been born, i have a passion for […]
  As for a starter i did some test flights at the camp site, i have […]
Taiki Productions – Photo’s, Kites and more, Is one of my projects, it all started in […]
You can ask, what do you use for KAP, Well here are some of the basics […]
Arthur Batut, 1888 The first kite aerial photographs were taken by a British meteorologist called Douglas […]
  Our next kite festival we’re officially participating in is the “Rijsbergse vliegerdagen” in Rijsbergen, the […]