You can ask, what do you use for KAP,

Well here are some of the basics that you need besides kites,


You need string or kite line and lots of it. i have different bundles with different pulling power and weights. what kind of line you chose may vary on the type of kite you use.

The line on the picture has a PP (pulling power) of 200kg, i use it for my Dopero or octopus kite

The others i have are PP250 and PP1000




The next essential tool is the picavet. The designs may vary, but the sole purpose is the same, attach and stabilize the camera, as much as possible.

This picavet of mine has an extra function. it has an auto pan function of 72° or continuously 360°





I chose a camera as light weight as possible, so i have gone for a GoPro,

its light weight, versatile, and takes pictures very well. It also has a lot of different functions i can chose from.