It isn’t always sunshine

Most of the time the pictures you see: “online”, “in my blog” or “somewhere else” are as perfect as possible, but sometimes it goes horribly wrong.

Today i want to tell the story behind some of the beauty in the things i do.


It isn’t always sunshine

Most of the KAP things i do is making “Time lapses” with my GoPro. On my last trip to “Texel” i encountred a big problem.
My GoPro, as usual in its waterproof case with extra extarnal battery hanging underneed the automatic picavet


The first pictures

Testing at low altitude

The first pictures i took and viewed live over the wifi connection, where fine so i decided to let the kite go to higher altitude. When the kite got higher, the WiFi connection was lost so no live feed any more. As far is i knew, every thing went fine. But it didnt go fine.


3000 pictures, 3000 seconds and 3000 bad things later 

That it didn’t go fine was an understatement… It was a beautifull day, sunny, warm, nice winds. The only thing i didn’t counted in was the fact that its colder at higher levels.

combine cold outside and a hot inside -GoPro is getting hot when its working – and you get condensation. Condensation on the casings front screen.

You can see the front screen protecting the lens of the GoPro


What happens when the lens condenses? Wright bad, bad,very bad pictures


Historie of errors

It wasn’t the first time i had this. Last year on the kite festival of westende i encountered the same issue,

Westende KF 2016


but then, i had no clue what it was.


If you have a GoPro i can recommend using or the open” back door” or use the “anti fog patches” so the condens can go away or being absorbed




The story about

Taiki Productions – Photo’s, Kites and more,

Is one of my projects, it all started in 2013-14 when i had one of my biggest questions: “How to make pictures in the air/sky without using a drone”.

After some research, i stumbled across something called KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) and soon i ordered my first real kite, picavet, gopro parts, …. and so on. After a few months of trial and error, it all started to work out as i hoped. One of the biggest problems i had was low wind speeds (2-3bft),  Once again i did the research. After looking at diferent midels and types i chose the maxi dopero, this kite is now one of my most favorite kites.

Because you cant have enough kites i bought somme more, in the yours following till now i managed to buy and make some nice and lovely kites. Now my collection is arround 10 kites:

  1. Hq powersled 3.0
  2. Hq powersled 15.0
  3. Maxi dopero
  4. Hq Treczoks cody
  5. Hq Pero (PEarson ROller)
  6. 15m octopus kite
  7. 1 baby kite (always handy if some kids join your day of kiteing)
  8. Hq hoffmans bow,ite sunrise
  9. Koinobori line laundry
  10. Some 2 and 4 liner kites

Now 3 years later the Taiki productions project is grow beyond the KAP, now we’re participaiting in kite festivals in Belgium, The Netherlands, France,…. Still we do KAP but we also do a lot more, like showing off.
One last thing: “Go fly a kite” and remember have fun and fly safe

Steve Goudeseune
Taiki productions Founder

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