Part 2: The history of… The Cody kite

Samuel Franklin Cowdery later known as Samuel Franklin Cody     Samuel, a wild west showman and an early pioneer in manned flights and most famous for his "Cody war kites" used by the British in WW1.         Balloons vs Kites In one of the versions of this part is that S. Cowdery bercame intrested... Continue Reading →

Part 1: The history of… KAP

Arthur Batut, 1888 The first kite aerial photographs were taken by a British meteorologist called Douglas Archibald in 1887 and Arthur Batut in Labruguière (France) in 1888. you can see one of the early pictures from Batut here: Other pioneers Manned kite flying and aerial photography was advanced also by French Marcel Maillot, British Robert Baden-Powell, Americans Charles Lamson and William Abner Eddy, Australian Lawrence... Continue Reading →

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