It was way back in 2014 when i met cedric for the first time, he was working as an apprentice in the repair centre of the company where i started my new job as shopmanager.


In 2015 i was planning to visit my first small kite festival in Antwerp and for some reason i asked Cedric if he didn’t wanted to come with me. Just for that one time without any obligations.






He did come with me that day and he liked it. Since then, he came with me to various other festivals and activity like: Westende, Zeebrugge, Berck,…







Then he became our 2nd Taiki productions crew member, now we are 3,5 years further and Cedric still comes to various Kite festivals that we visit thru the year




some more info:
Taiki productions member since: 2015
First Kite festival : Vliegerhappening Antwerpen Linkeroever 2015
Most favorite kite(s): Pero and HQ power sled 3.0



Our latest and thirth addition to the Taiki productions members crew is Victor, a long time friend of mine. And he’s also my Cinematic buddy.




The first time i asked him to come with me to a kite festival, he was a little sceptic and he didn’t wanted to come because it looked borring (…?). Eventualy he descided to come anyway.


So it was my job to prove him wrong and… yeah i proved him wrong, he liked it…. A LOT






Somme more info:
Taiki productions member since: 2017
First Kite festival apperance: Rijsbergse vliegerdagen 2017





I’m Steve,

Founder of the project. Since i’ve been born, i have a passion for kites and photographing. I Found a way to combine them bought in KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) so now i’m a very happy person.

With kind regards


Somme more info:
Taiki productions founder and member since: 2014
First Kite festival apperance: Vliegerfestival Antwerpen linkeroever 2015

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