It was way back in 2014 when i met cedric for the first time, he was working as an apprentice in the repair centre of the company where i started my new job as shopmanager.   In 2015 i was planning to visit my first small kite festival in Antwerp and for some reason i... Continue Reading →


Our latest and thirth addition to the Taiki productions members crew is Victor, a long time friend of mine. And he's also my Cinematic buddy.     The first time i asked him to come with me to a kite festival, he was a little sceptic and he didn't wanted to come because it looked... Continue Reading →


  Hello, I'm Steve, Founder of the project. Since i've been born, i have a passion for kites and photographing. I Found a way to combine them bought in KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) so now i'm a very happy person. With kind regards   Somme more info: Taiki productions founder and member since: 2014 First... Continue Reading →

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