Our summer season came to an end, now i’m preparing for winter and the next summer.  So lets throwback at a beautiful time and beautifiul memories.


  1. Taiki-pus 

Taiki-pus @Zeebrugge, BE

It is march 2017 i’m preparing to start the new summer season,


The first thing that came in mind was: Lets buy a new kite.

I bought a 15m octopus and gave hil the name Taiki-pus. our mascot.






2. Lentevliegeren @ Zeebrugge ,BE – Spring kiteing @Zeebrugge, BE

DSC_0057 Panorama2.jpg

Panoramic view of the kite area @Zeebrugge

The first meeting we participated in was the meeting in Zeebrugge, a small kite festival ideal for testing new things, kites , esuipment and the repairs that i did in the winter.

exept for my stuff there were many other kites to see

DSC_0080.jpg DSC_0084.jpg DSC_0089.jpg


3. Westende kite festival 




Kite,kites and more kites i even need a trailer to take them with me

Between Zeebrugge and Westende we skipped all festivals due to private reasons and weather conditions.


But in Westende i was present and i did bring something new.





Koinobori’s first test flight @Cadzand, NL

May i present, our next big thing my (in the mean time, famous) Koinobori’s


I made them espacialy for this kite festival, this because its also the fisherman fair in Westende the exact same weekend.



bigger festivals means more and bigger kites,


Octopus line laundry, From Martijn












4. Holiday

After the first part of the kite festivals we did tak a break an i got on a holiday. But i didnt sit still, i had my kite and KAP gear with me. First stop, Campsite “De Kleine Wielen – Leeuwarden”


campsite surrounded by water


you have also several smal and pitoresk villages


the 2 villages: Paesens and Moddergat


i even took my gear to the island of texel


famous lighthouse at the far end of Texel



5. Rijsbergse vlieger dagen


Koinobori at night


the most special event i did this year, this is because i took my koinobori’s to the next level,


Koinobori’s nightfly mode,

some specs:

350 LED’s
30 AA batery’s
125m 2x 0,75mm2 Cu wire
Weight: to much but workable


we also had 2 beautiful days full of kiteflying and some rain


6. G-Sports Dendermonde

The last summer thing i did this year was G-sports dendermonde, a day of sport an fun for the people with special needs. a friend of mine that helped organised the meeting asked mee to take some aerials from the site.










7. Ending of the summer season:

overal it was a verry fun season, making lots of new friends, adding a new crew member, buying new kites, doing some repairs,