Its early autumn 2015, a beautiful day on the 27th of september,

I and my good friend Cedric liked to shoot something else,

One of the things on our to do was the Oosterschelde Storm surge barrier in Zeeland  (NL)

Self i find the Oosterschelde barrier a fascinated mechanism / machine. in the biggest storm, it protects our neighbours up north from flooding. .

The Oosterschelde barrier in one of five storm surge barriers that are maintained by Rijkswaterstaat en the first one that you come across with if you travel from the West-Flemisch  region in Belgium to “Neeltje Jans or Renese” in the Nethertlands

The other Storm surge barriers managed by RWS are:

2.  Hollandsche Ijselkering

3. Hartelkering

4. Maeslantkering

5. Ramspol