Hey Kite friends,

Last weekend it was the 9th edition of the “Rijsbergse vliegerdagen”. It was well organized and a lot to do, maybe even to much to tell and i definetley gonna forget something but i gonna try and tell the whole story,

IMG_4525.jpgHere we go:

Friday 18th of august

I took a day off from work, to get there in time. For me it was a 2h drive. When we arrived (after picking up a friend, 2h drive and eating some fries) we already saw a lot of kites in the air. But first thing first, we hadded some setting up to do: Tent, Kites, fridge.
After that, we had some test flight time

Saturday 19th of august

Day Kite-ing


Most of al it was a beautiful day, we only had 2 little rain showers.


One of the first thing i got into the air was my Koinobori fishes,
The crowd loved them,
i had to do the explanation about the meaning of the koinobori 7+ times






Because i love animals and the theme of the morning was “Zoo” i also took “Taikipus”

my inflatable and self flying octopus










But then the rain came and my Koinoboris where soked, but because i needed them later on the day i dit an emergency drying



Also there where a lot of side thing to do, like “candy dropping” and “teddy bear parachute jumping” and aslo “Boris”


Boris The Kite Dog


the owners learnd Boris to fly kites, it was a lot of fun to watch.


Other things to see

Horses, Lobsters, Airplains, Rotors, Sleds, people, a lot to see abd a lot of activity around the kite fields and also on the kite fields







Night kite



Time flies when you having fun, is an understatement. In no time it was 18 o clock.
time to prepare for kite flying


the first thing we did was eating, you can’t fly on an empty stomach,



Before we started there was a show of “Fenix Taiko” and “de Vlaggenzwaaiers”


DSC_0240.JPG  DSC_0220.JPG

After that it was time to get the secret weapon, i modified my koinobori especially for this. 350 led lights and 30 batteries that’s what i needed to get this work, and it did work
IMG_4669.jpgat the last tests we did with the 105 fishes, i discovered that 1 string didn’t work, so i removed it to lose some weight



when the night fell, it became time to perform, and like always…. Wind drops,
no wind no kite flying so they moved me to the back of the show an lucky me, the wind was back,


IMG_4738.jpg      IMG_4741.jpg


Sunday 20th of august

Again a beautiful day and a lot of kites, what do you want more,