Featuredsat10junAll Daysun11IKF Westende 2023Together with Volkswagen bus meeting(All Day) Strand Westende, oceaanlaan 2This event starts in

Cancelledsat17junAll Daysun18IKF Callantsoog 2023Due to works on the beach it is not possible to organize the event(All Day) Strand Callantsoog, Strandslag 1, 1759 SB Callantsoog, Nederland

Featuredsat19augAll Daysun20IKF Rijsbergse vliegerdagen 2023(All Day) Rijsbergen, Tiggeltsestraat 13This event starts in

sat26augAll Daysun27IKF Emmen 2023(All Day) Grote Rietplas, Grote Rietplas 1This event starts in

sat07octAll Daysun08Family festival Texel [2] 2023Windfestival Texel(All Day) Paal 20, paal 20This event starts in

Featuredsat28oct18:30sat22:00(K)rijsbergen 2023A Halloween Lightfestival18:30 - 22:00 This event starts in

Featuredsat09dec18:00sat23:00Lichtjesfestival Rijsbergen18:00 - 23:00 Event starts in

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No Events