HQ Pero

My “pearson roller” is a small and funny one, therefore its only used for showing at kite festivals.

HQ Treczoks cody

This is one heck of a kite or better, a kite whit his own will. It always flys wrong… He fly’s like crashing is nearly any second. Its a real pain sometimes. especially when i use it for KAP. Because its so special, i kinda fell in love with it.

Custom made: maxi Dopero 125

What to do with no wind?   Use the Dopero! Its very light and very fragile, and my most broken kite i have. Almost every kite festival i manage to break it (dont adk me how)! It can fly in 1.5 bft but for lufting stuf i need 2bft.    

HQ Powersled 15.0

My biggest kite i have, 15 square meters and it is the big big brother of my Powersled 3.0. They are used to pull big flags and big line laundry. If the wind is strong enough the kite runs away with the 250kilo sand anchor. THIS IS NOT A BABY KITE. But overall its a... Continue Reading →

HQ Powersled 3.0

The prowersled 3.0 is one of my first real kites, is most used for lifting stuff like KAP gear and small line laundry. Thats why they called them sky anchors, its 3 square meters big and can easily lift 10 kilos, but that depends onto the strengt of the wind.    

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