When I was in the kite shop of Maastricht to buy some spare parts, this little […]
After looking around on the internet, I came across these nice fish and I bought one […]
After my first Dopero maxi I recently bought this one, this is the small version and […]
In addition to my 7 yellow delta canards, I also have these in red. This brings […]
As an addition to my powersled collection I have purchased this Premier Kites powersled 36. The […]
This is Sebastian, my “Premier kites” inflatable cat. I bought this in memory of my deceased […]
A plush pirate on a parachute, I can’t say anything more about it
One of the first new kite combination for the 2019 season that I have purchased are […]
A pig on a parachute, no more to say….
Bought his one from an other kiteflyer,  but its still not delivered. so i cant tell […]
I bought this one to lift my koinobori, it can handle the weight very easily, as […]
This one i added to my collection on the kitefestival of Valkenswaard. you attach him to […]