Wind festival, Texel 2018

Hello kite-friends


last weekend, it was for me my last kitefestival off the 2018 kite season. For the last time i gave it a full 100%. And yes, the long drive to the island was worth it,


last weekend it was for me my last kitefestival from the kite-season of 2018. For the last time I gave it a full 100%. And yes, the long drive to the island of Texel was more than worth it,

I’ll be back next year, definitely. But let’s start at the beginning



Friday 5 october 2018

11:40 am: ready to depart


From my home to in Den Helder it was a long rive. It wil take me 5 hours to get there.



5:45 PM: On the boat,

Approx. 6 hour after i departed, i drove on the boat in Den Helder and we left for Texel with the Texelstroom from Teso




During the boat trip, there is the possibility to walk through the boat and of course, safety above all.






Approx. 6pm: After a short 20 minute boat ride we arrived at Texel. after that,  we drove further to the village of De Koog






the trip would take an extra 16 minutes.






6:20pm:Arrived at Newbornrif. The residence for the weekend.

After a mouthful of eating at the local wok-Chinese, it was time to go to sleep and so dream in to Saturday.




Saturday 6 october 2018



We started the day with a good breakfast,

after that, we went at 9:30 to the parking at the kite area.








On the parking lot the tractor was already there, it brought all the kite materials and the kite flyers to the kite field on the beach






After a ride of about 5 minutes we were on the spot





The beach was still empty, and this would remain so for a while since we had no wind,

around noon the wind began to stir up and so we were able to push some kites into the air.



There was plenty to see, both from the ground and in the air, here are some of “from  the ground photos” i took


Of course I’ve also made some aerial photographs. There are some spectacular images in the set



After the festivities on day 1 it was time to return to the residence. There was a barbecue scheduled on the evening program we didn’t want to miss.



We fast forward a couple of hours, until we arrive on day 2

Sunday 7 october 20178


Near the kite field there was a small change in the parking space for the kite flyers, from the nearby campsite we were allowed to take place on their premises.





Of course there are always people who miss the boat … eu tractor





The wind was pretty good from the start of the day, so we could immediately pick up the big boys






We also received a visit from the “Big bad wolf” to promote the “Furry weekend Texel” event


Only the little ones of the gang thought the ‘Big bad wolf’ was not so terrifying …



Furthermore, there were also many kites in the air today, an indication of this can be found below:



During today’s KAP session I focused more on close ups of kites, which resulted in these images:




At the end of the day, the last Kite went into the kite bag. This marked the moment to really close the kite season for this year.




After everything was loaded, it was time to return home.





after saying goodbye to everyone and wishing for a good trip on the Teso boat, the weekend was really over.


Monday 8 october 2018


On Monday I had some work to do, only this time it was cleaning my car and store all my kites.

Kite-feast, Etten-Leur 2018

Hello kitefriends,


Profesional kite-flyers


Yesterday i went to a “for me rather small” kite fest, in Etten-Leur. However, the atmosphere and ambiance were great.



Together with a small group of professional Kiteflyers, several kites were exhibited and power kite demonstrations were given. Even the little ones could enjoy themselves with their kites and fly a kite on one of the side fields. This resulted in joyfulness for everyone.

Some other pilots were great pilots


Kite aerial photography  


Because of the limited space i couldn’t let my fishes or other big kites fly. Thats why i mainly focused on KAP Demonstrations and and giving some explanation.



Some other aerial pictures are:




As requested by one of my kitefriends i took this KAP picture





Candy and Teddy dropping


Besides free kiting for the little ones there were also some drop activities such as candy and teddy dropping.





During the dropping a “messenger kite” goes into the air, it has a load at hanging the bottom.






when he reaches the predetermined point he releases his load




And on the ground the little ones are trying to catch it

39th kitefestival of Oirsbeek

In this years 34th weekend, also the last weekend of august, it was the kitefestival of Oirsbeek and this for the 39th time. Its also the first time i participated. There were a lot of things to do, so i gonna tell them as good as possible.



Saturday 25th of august,

The day started well, a little cloudy but a good kite wind. This resulted in some nice kites in the air.


Candy dropping

One of the kites was a Heksebeest, the special thing on this kite was that he was equipped with a “kite messenger”






The kite messenger gets a load and flies up to a certain predetermined point. If he reaches the point, he drops the load and comes back down


A load can be: Candy, Teddies, Little balls,…




Here are some pictures of the candy dropping.


Aerial pics

Besides all the activities i took some KAP’s
At first this worked very well


But at the end of the session, as the camera was still high in the sky it started to rain. i needed to run to get the camera inside. Not that the Gopro can’t handle the water, but the picavet system isn’t water tight.

The rain was short-lived and as usual, after the rain comes the sun. And by the evening it was dry again. Time to go nightkiting



To start the wind was gone… To bad, no nice kites in the air…. as an alternative we setup our kites on the ground and lighten them up with a spotlight, this also created some nice pictures


After that, it was time to clean up and prepare for the next day.



Sunday the 26th of august

On Sunday I flew my biggest kite again and after that I cleared my tent, because I still had a full return trip.



but i still took the time to take some nice pictures


And after a fun kite day, this edition went to an end.

Kitedays of Rijsbergen 2018

We left the 3th weekend of august behind us, and as a yearly tradition it where the “Kite Days of Rijsbergen” again and this for the 10th time.


The party was on saturday and sunday, but i was there already from friday morning 9 o’clock. Not in Rijsbergen but in Heusden, half an hour further in the Netherlands.


Friday – 9h: Heusden, “Taiki productions” meets “Vliegeren is voor iedereen”

In the morning at 9 i arrived in Heusden after a 2,5h drive. i guided my car through the centre of the village right next to the church. But it took me an hour to find where i needed to be. Lucky me, because Heusden is beautifull village and i found some spacial places while i was looking around.


In the meantime i moved to the fortifications, where the friends of “Vliegeren is voor iedereen” also were. It was “play week”, that is a week before school where all school comrades come together and play. There are various activities such as making kites and testing them.


I was there to show off with my Dopero and OF COURSE to take aerial pictures. with these beauties as a result. On the pictures you see the old castle and his fortifications


Friday 14h – Rijsbergen

After we ate a little lunch at noon, we drove in convoy to Rijsbergen.


After i put the tent up, i tested my altimeter in the sky



Saturday – On the kite field – Day 1


After a good night sleep, it was time eat breakfast, the first kites of fellow kiteflyers were in the air already. time to get mine also up in the sky





First i let the flowform up, after that i took my fishes and attached them to the line. then it was time to take a walk to spot and see the other kites




The different kites looked like this:


Saturday – In the sky – Day 1


somewhere through the day i took my KAP gear, to take some aerial pictures. it was very busy in the air, so good navigating was necessary




Nevertheless, there are some beautiful pictures leftover, and this is the result:


Saturday  – Night kite

Later on the evening / night there was the night kite show. some hot air balloons opened the evening, later there was the mayor from Zundert and other side activities




Only the pleasure was not for a long time. Just before i needed to go, my Dopero broke. this as a result of a crash. So i put everything back in the box and looked at the different decorations around to the field


And then it was bedtime.


Sunday – On the kite field – Day 2


On sunday, it was the day of the big kites,

like these two.




I put also some kites in the sky , like the fishes and my turbine. Later on i walked around the field , so i can show these pictures af the kites that were there on sunday.


But i took also some aerials.

Sunday – In the sky – Day 2


You can see very good how big the big kites really are from the sky. Also the smal kites are nice to see from the sky, like this beautiful grey “heksebeest” in his natural habitat.



There are more little kites hidden in the pictures, try to spot them all on the sunday pictures.



thats all folks, see you all at the next kite festival!





i would like to thank the

I would like to thank the organization “Stichting Rijsbergse Vliegerdagen” for the beautiful festival and the friends of “Vliegeren is voor iedereen” for the fun weekend.




Kite-meeting – Antwerp

On may the 27th is was the kitemeeting of Antwerp again. here is my report:



The weather and the wind weren’t a 100% but i managed to get some kites in the air. Also there were some colleague kitefliers on this day and so the sky was filled with some kites.





There was also a kitemaking workshop for the little ones, its always fun to watch the future.





between kiteflying i made the time to do some KAP, and i managed to get som nice pictures

The first Kitefestival of “Le Portel (FR)”

Hello Kite-friend,



On juli the 8th it was the first kitefestival of “Le Portel” in France, it was a first good edition up to the second one.







The weather was good, 25° and 20 km/h winds. Ideal to fly kites








due to the good weather, there were a lot of kites and kite flyers present, the sky and beach where filled with all different kinds of kites.





Some other kites in the air were:



I also tested my new Turbine, that didn’t work very well, but i learned a lot. Here are some pictures of the best parts 😉

Kitefestival – Renesse

At the Pentecost weekend  there was the  3th edition of the kitefestival at Renesse in the Netherlands. I passed by on Sunday. There were a lot of different events that day, i gonna try to tell them all.


From the ground, 

as first, i started to lift some kites from my own, like a part of my koinoboris.






and i tested my new HQ flowform 7.0





Some other kites were


Fog on the beach

And then POOF the weather changed, just as i started with a KAP session. this resulted in some special photos





As a reference how fast the fog came, this you can see on these 2 photos, taken 100 seconds in between.


Manta’s in the mist

Sometimes, you can take some beauties, these a a few of them incl. fog


Kitefestival – Berck sur mer

From 14 until 22 April ’18 there was the kitefestival of Berck,


I went there on the 15th. The wether wasn’t best, low wind and rainy. therefor i only have photo’s from the ground but we did see some nice actions and nice kites. one of those actions was a try to lift the biggest kite.



report of Westende Kite festival 2018

Hi kitefriends,


Last weekend it was the 3th edition of the renewed kite festival of Westende, and as usual it were some a fun days of kite flying, an meeting old an new friends.


between all of the flying and meeting, i took the time to take some pictures and having some adventures.


KAP – Kite Aerial Photography

–> Kites and beaches

There were a lot of kites on both days, here are some from the first day

–> Westende / Middelkerke

On sunday, the wind was strong so i could hang the camera high up the  line. This resulted in some nice overview pictures from the city and the kites


Photo’s and pictures

taking stuff from the air is fun, but looking from the ground is at least as spectacular


thats it for this year, up to the next edition in 2019


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