This was the summer of ’17

Our summer season came to an end, now i'm preparing for winter and the next summer.  So lets throwback at a beautiful time and beautifiul memories.   Taiki-pus  It is march 2017 i'm preparing to start the new summer season,   The first thing that came in mind was: Lets buy a new kite. I... Continue Reading →

Kitedays of Rijsbergen

Hey Kite friends, Last weekend it was the 9th edition of the "Rijsbergse vliegerdagen". It was well organized and a lot to do, maybe even to much to tell and i definetley gonna forget something but i gonna try and tell the whole story, Here we go: Friday 18th of august I took a day... Continue Reading →

Westende 2017

Kite Festival The second edition of the "westende kite festival" was one big time of FUN, beautiful weather, nice wind, a lot of people,... What you ask more The sunday parade yopu can find on page 2 For this festival i made something myself, a piece of line laundry, For the people who doesn't know,... Continue Reading →

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