Westende 2016

Its sad to tell but most of the "bigger" kite festivals are gone in Belgium, (like Oostende,...) But the Westende kite festival made a reboot in 2016 with a new organization. Its on the same weekend of the FishingFestival, so 2 days of "a lot of peeps, visitors, Fish and  kites", only the weather wasn't'... Continue Reading →

Renesse 2016

I've spotted the kite festival of Renesse on a smal event page on Facebook, So we've decided to go and fly a kite, but before we got there we made a little detour to the "Maeslantkering". The "Maeslantkering" exist of 2 big movable doors that can be closed to hold the water back and so... Continue Reading →

Antwerpen 2016

it was the second year we're there. bad weather, bad winds,... it wasn't fine. Although we had a brief moment where i could launch my dopero, so i have a few aerial photo's  

Berck sur mer – RICV 2016

The farthest kite festival we did so far is the one in "Berck sur mer" in France, it took more than 2hours to get there, but it was worth it, its one of the biggest and longest kite festivals in my region. it covers the whole beach and its happening 9 days long (usually the... Continue Reading →

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