KAP..; KAmP…; oO°i know KAmPsite :-)

Hello kite-friend


we are more than halfway our vacation but i already took the time to make some KAP’s of the kampsite,



the first ones i took were in the bright sky of the day , beautiful weather, lots of sun,


evening KAP

I also took some KAP’s with the sun that was setting




Reverse KAP – Lunar eclipse

Hey kite-friends,


most of the time, i make KAP pictures from the sky pointing to the ground. But sometimes i do it vice versa.


Because it was the lunar eclipse of the century yesterday i took my camera gear to take some night sky pictures. It wasn’t so easy but i’m happy with the results.



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The IJsselmeer, the last hours of the day

Hey Kite-friends,



In one of our trips this holiday, we went to the IJsselmeer. To be more precise, at the dyke of the village of Stavoren in Friesland, Te Netherlands.




In the last part of our walk, on our way back to the car, we walked over the dyke and i took the time to let my kite fly, i attached the GoPro hero 6 black near my kite and then let the wind take over.


with the sun that was setting, it was a B-E-A-utiful pease of scenery.





The wind was good, and the temperature fine. all the things we need to take magnificent pictures







One thing is for sure, there is a lot of water in the lake…







How more the sun sets, the more difficult it is to take descent pictures. But even if the picture is a little blurry, it result in something nice.






Le site du concasseur de Tréguennec: L’usine à galets des Nazis

Or: Camp Todt – The pebblestone factory of the Nazis


During the war

The installation was mainly used for creating pebble stones,
These pebbles where then, used for building the “Atlantic wall”

On the picture you can still see the various parts, like:

  • Part of the big wall, 2m wide and 150m long
  • storrage towers
  • part of the crusher installation


After the war

from 1946 until februari 1948 this pebbles factory was used for the reconstruction of various villages and city’s like Brest that was completely destroyed .

On pictures of 1947 you can see how the installation looked like.




The installation itself is thorn apart a long time ago (1949), only the remains of the big concrete storage bunkers and the big wall still remain. Today it is a tourist war site




The Lighthouse of Texel

One of our trips this vacations was to the island of Texel.
On the island there is a beautiful lighthouse, it was a great opportunity to see and also a great opportunity to KAP.

The Lighthouse of Texel


In front, there is a big beach, great for doing beach sports like kite buggy.
But beware of quicksand (yes, there is a big warning sign at the entrance of the beach).

BIG beach

If you take a walk to the other side of the lighthouses you can spot another island, Vlieland is the closest neighbour of Texel. If you look at it by air, they are very close.

Texel is down, Vlieland is up

On the beach, you can find other things as well, this is a “strandpaviljoen” where you can drink something





Yesterday i’ve gone to the town of Moddergat, a small town near the Waddenzee.
Although is it is a very small town, it has a very big history.

Monument of the lost fishermen

Monument of the lost fischermen

This monument contains all the names of the fishermen that gone missing after a severe storm hit the fisherboats in the night of 5-6 march 1883.
83 people of the town died that night. The town build the monument in 1958 to remember the tragedy and the fishermen.

The Community of Paesens-Moddergat

Paesens – Moddergat

Moddergat is a small town (in 2007 there lived around 230 people) it is part of the community Paesens-Moddergat. You can see both towns on the Photo. Moddergat is in front and paesens is a bit further away

The Waddenzee 


The Waddenzee, the “big pool” on the other side of “de dijk” on diferent places, you can take one of the ferry’s and go to the different islands. one of that places is a little further away in Lauwersoog in Groningen

One of the things you can do is “Wadlopen”. This is walking around with a guid in the sand in the waddenzee when the watter is gone, on some places you can even walk to islands

Gas recovery

An other thing they do is pumping up gas, they do it with a big drilling platform, on this cropped picture you can see it a little bit.


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