Le site du concasseur de Tréguennec: L’usine à galets des Nazis

Or: Camp Todt – The pebblestone factory of the Nazis


During the war

The installation was mainly used for creating pebble stones,
These pebbles where then, used for building the “Atlantic wall”

On the picture you can still see the various parts, like:

  • Part of the big wall, 2m wide and 150m long
  • storrage towers
  • part of the crusher installation


After the war

from 1946 until februari 1948 this pebbles factory was used for the reconstruction of various villages and city’s like Brest that was completely destroyed .

On pictures of 1947 you can see how the installation looked like.




The installation itself is thorn apart a long time ago (1949), only the remains of the big concrete storage bunkers and the big wall still remain. Today it is a tourist war site




Oosterschelde barier – Delta works – Zeeland

Its early autumn 2015, a beautiful day on the 27th of september,

I and my good friend Cedric liked to shoot something else,

One of the things on our to do was the Oosterschelde Storm surge barrier in Zeeland  (NL)

Self i find the Oosterschelde barrier a fascinated mechanism / machine. in the biggest storm, it protects our neighbours up north from flooding. .

The Oosterschelde barrier in one of five storm surge barriers that are maintained by Rijkswaterstaat en the first one that you come across with if you travel from the West-Flemisch  region in Belgium to “Neeltje Jans or Renese” in the Nethertlands

The other Storm surge barriers managed by RWS are:

2.  Hollandsche Ijselkering

3. Hartelkering

4. Maeslantkering

5. Ramspol

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