A while ago, I don't know exactly when, I ran into Arjan, Anette and Tim. Not that special in the beginning, but in now I can count them as my best kite friends.

Team members

These are from left to right: Arjan, Anette en Tim


They have a lot more and much larger kites than I have or will ever have. But if I can, I like to lend a hand to push the huge monstrous Trilobites and octopus into the air. Here's a list of a few of their many kites:


Here they have Two of them, one in Red, gray, white, orange like the picture.

The Second one with black, gray, blue, white, as in this photo


A small single-line kite, ideal for hanging on a mast and allowing it to move in a breeze.


A large bird can also be flown in lighter winds. in hot weather it can suffer from the thermal


A light wind kite, shaped like a swan. Is only flown in almost zero wind


A good lifter, lighter in design than mine, but certainly good for pulling things up.


A small kite train of 6 kites, in rainbow colors

Much more kites

These are just a small number of the many kite, there are another type of Trilobites, octopuses, fish, Revolution kites, ... too many to mention.

In collaboration with

In the meantime, we have traveled to kite festivals a few times as a collective, such as Twente and Renesse, and plans are underway for many others.

I just can't get it, wil it become "wind productions" or "Taiki Force kite team", who knows ... maybe we will figure it out one day.

Above all, keep following for more adventures and who knows the solution to the dilemma

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