Hello kite-friends   last weekend it was for me my last kitefestival from the kite-season of 2018. For the last time I gave it a full 100%. And yes, the long drive to the island of Texel was more than worth it, I'll be back next year, definitely. But let's start at the beginning  
  Friday 5 october 2018 11:40 am: ready to depart   From my home to in Den Helder it was a long rive. It wil take me 5 hours to get there.     5:45 PM: On the boat, Approx. 6 hour after i departed, i drove on the boat in Den Helder and we left for Texel with the Texelstroom from Teso       During the boat trip, there is the possibility to walk through the boat and of course, safety above all.           Approx. 6pm: After a short 20 minute boat ride we arrived at Texel. after that,  we drove further to the village of De Koog           the trip would take an extra 16 minutes.           6:20pm:Arrived at Newbornrif. The residence for the weekend. After a mouthful of eating at the local wok-Chinese, it was time to go to sleep and so dream in to Saturday.    
  Saturday 6 october 2018     We started the day with a good breakfast, after that, we went at 9:30 to the parking at the kite area.               On the parking lot the tractor was already there, it brought all the kite materials and the kite flyers to the kite field on the beach           After a ride of about 5 minutes we were on the spot         The beach was still empty, and this would remain so for a while since we had no wind, around noon the wind began to stir up and so we were able to push some kites into the air.     There was plenty to see, both from the ground and in the air, here are some of "from  the ground photos" i took   Of course I've also made some aerial photographs. There are some spectacular images in the set     After the festivities on day 1 it was time to return to the residence. There was a barbecue scheduled on the evening program we didn't want to miss.  
  We fast forward a couple of hours, until we arrive on day 2 Sunday 7 october 20178   Near the kite field there was a small change in the parking space for the kite flyers, from the nearby campsite we were allowed to take place on their premises.         Of course there are always people who miss the boat ... eu tractor         The wind was pretty good from the start of the day, so we could immediately pick up the big boys           We also received a visit from the "Big bad wolf" to promote the "Furry weekend Texel" event   Only the little ones of the gang thought the 'Big bad wolf' was not so terrifying ...     Furthermore, there were also many kites in the air today, an indication of this can be found below:     During today's KAP session I focused more on close ups of kites, which resulted in these images:       At the end of the day, the last Kite went into the kite bag. This marked the moment to really close the kite season for this year.       After everything was loaded, it was time to return home.         after saying goodbye to everyone and wishing for a good trip on the Teso boat, the weekend was really over.   Monday 8 october 2018   On Monday I had some work to do, only this time it was cleaning my car and store all my kites.