Hello kitefriends,   Profesional kite-flyers   Yesterday i went to a "for me rather small" kite fest, in Etten-Leur. However, the atmosphere and ambiance were great.     Together with a small group of professional Kiteflyers, several kites were exhibited and power kite demonstrations were given. Even the little ones could enjoy themselves with their kites and fly a kite on one of the side fields. This resulted in joyfulness for everyone. Some other pilots were great pilots   Kite aerial photography     Because of the limited space i couldn't let my fishes or other big kites fly. Thats why i mainly focused on KAP Demonstrations and and giving some explanation.     Some other aerial pictures are:       As requested by one of my kitefriends i took this KAP picture         Candy and Teddy dropping   Besides free kiting for the little ones there were also some drop activities such as candy and teddy dropping.         During the dropping a "messenger kite" goes into the air, it has a load at hanging the bottom.           when he reaches the predetermined point he releases his load       And on the ground the little ones are trying to catch it