At the Pentecost weekend there was the 3th edition of the kitefestival at Renesse in the Netherlands
On te 15th of april i planned a visit to one of the biggest festivals i my region and for once, i took te dog with me.
Wenduine, a small kite-meeting near De Haan, a beautiful day of kiting with friends.
A pig on a parachute, no more to say….
Bought his one from an other kiteflyer,  but its still not delivered. so i cant tell […]
I bought this one to lift my koinobori, it can handle the weight very easily, as […]
This one i added to my collection on the kitefestival of Valkenswaard. you attach him to […]
The fishes are fitted with 350 LED lights espacialy made for the night kite show at […]
My first DIY project, the materials i used are: 1. 100 smal fishes 2. 5 Big […]
This kite keeps killing me, i have it for over 1,5 year now but i never […]
My 15m octopus kite. its rater a small octopus. But dont let the size deceive you, […]
My “pearson roller” is a small and funny one, therefore its only used for showing at […]