Koinobori – Nightkite

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Koinobori – Nightkite

Page 4 – Build plans 


Step 1 – Preparation of the line

To create the line , i chose for 200kg Dacron line,

depending on the string i make 10 or 11 knots with loopholes on the line,

  • Line with small fishes = 10-11m
  • Line with smal and big fishes = 11-12m

Between the knots, i keep the following distance:

  • 1m for the small fishes
  • 2m for the big fish


Step 2 – Electricity

For the fishes, i bought some LED, mine or working on 4,5V (3 AAA batteries) this for each line.

To power the LEDs i pulled a cable over the complete length of the line


I’m using speaker cable of 0,75mm2 or 18-19 AWG.





I attached the cable with some electrical tape.






This i do every 20 a 30 cm. if you come across a loop, i did some tape on both sides of the loop.



Step 3 – LED’s preparation


I bought 10 pieces of battery po LEDs at the local DIY store.





These i cut in to groups of 3 LEDS for the small fishes and 10 a 11 for the big fishes





On one side, i cut the wire just next to the LED, on the second side i keep 10 cm of wire





On the lang side, you can remove some of the insulation so the wire itself is visible.





With the soldering iron, i added some tin, to stick everything together.

TIP: Fold the ends od the wire in 3 to thingen the wire a bit




if i speed up the proces, is looks like this:


Stap 4 – Koinobori’s onthe line


Before we can do the LEDs, you need to attach the fishes back on the line




Step 5 – Battery connection


I separated the battery pack from the line so i can attach them to the kite main line. thats wy i soldered a connector to it.





First tin the wire, than attach it to the connector






I’ve chosen for CINCH connectors, one M connector on the Line side, one F connector on the Battery pack side


Stap 6 – LED’s in the fishes


To attach the LEDs onto the speaker cable i use special skotchlok connectors, these cut into the cable and make a connection with the electrical current.



First you need to split the cable a bit where you want to have your LED.






Then, i click the connector on the wire.







I add the LEDs, beware for + and –





with some universal pliers, you cab close the connector. If everything went well, you can see the LEDs burning (if there is a battery attached to the line)




As last, slide the fish back over the LEDs






Step 7 – Testing

In the dark, it should look like this

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