Koinobori – Nightkite

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Koinobori – Nightkite

Page 2 – The shopping list.

You can find the fisches very easily en cheap on websites like Aliexpress,
I bought the 0,5m one in a lot of 100, only the 1,5m ones i bought separetly


The list is as like this:


1,  1m50 green
1, 1m50 bleu
1, 1m50 Orange
1, 1m50 Pink
1, 1m50 black
20, 0,5m Green
20, 0,5m Bleu
20, 0,5m Orange
20, 0,5m Pink
20, 0,5m Black



120m Dacron 200kg line for the fishes

and  minimum 100m line Dacron 250kg for the kite line


Nightkite parts

Arround 120m speakercable of 0,75mm2 or 18 – 19 AWG


Some electrical tape roles


10 M-CINCH connectors


10 F-CINCH connectors

210 scotchlok ub2a (Connectors that make a branch )


10 LED garlands on batteries, 3m long
–> I use 8 warm white  and 2 colored ones



This depends a lot on what kind of materials u are using, mine is between 200 and 300 euro


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