My koinobori windsocks,   They are a swarm of small fishes, together they form a nice school. By day or by night, there is always something to see. By day you can spot the beautiful colors, by night they are illuminated. Perfect for everyone.     On Page 2, you find the shopping list On Page 3 ,  you find the technical drawing Op Page 4 , you find the step by step explanation   Page 2 - The shopping list. You can find the fisches very easily en cheap on websites like Aliexpress, I bought the 0,5m one in a lot of 100, only the 1,5m ones i bought separetly   The list is as like this: Fishes 1,  1m50 green 1, 1m50 bleu 1, 1m50 Orange 1, 1m50 Pink 1, 1m50 black 20, 0,5m Green 20, 0,5m Bleu 20, 0,5m Orange 20, 0,5m Pink 20, 0,5m Black   Line 120m Dacron 200kg line for the fishes and  minimum 100m line Dacron 250kg for the kite line   Nightkite parts Arround 120m speakercable of 0,75mm2 or 18 - 19 AWG   Some electrical tape roles   10 M-CINCH connectors   10 F-CINCH connectors 210 scotchlok ub2a (Connectors that make a branch )   10 LED garlands on batteries, 3m long --> I use 8 warm white  and 2 colored ones   Price This depends a lot on what kind of materials u are using, mine is between 200 and 300 euro   Pag" 3 - Technical drawing

Koi schema

I've chosen for the combination of 5 times 10 fishes and 5 times 11 fishes Its always the same color code, but they start every time with an other color or a different size fish.   The first string (lower one) is as follows: 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5-1*   *1: Green 2: Black 3: Pink 4: Orange 5: Bleu Page 4 - Build plans    Step 1 - Preparation of the line To create the line , i chose for 200kg Dacron line, depending on the string i make 10 or 11 knots with loopholes on the line,
  • Line with small fishes = 10-11m
  • Line with smal and big fishes = 11-12m
Between the knots, i keep the following distance:
  • 1m for the small fishes
  • 2m for the big fish
  Step 2 - Electricity For the fishes, i bought some LED, mine or working on 4,5V (3 AAA batteries) this for each line. To power the LEDs i pulled a cable over the complete length of the line   I'm using speaker cable of 0,75mm2 or 18-19 AWG.         I attached the cable with some electrical tape.           This i do every 20 a 30 cm. if you come across a loop, i did some tape on both sides of the loop.     Step 3 - LED's preparation   I bought 10 pieces of battery po LEDs at the local DIY store.         These i cut in to groups of 3 LEDS for the small fishes and 10 a 11 for the big fishes         On one side, i cut the wire just next to the LED, on the second side i keep 10 cm of wire         On the lang side, you can remove some of the insulation so the wire itself is visible.         With the soldering iron, i added some tin, to stick everything together. TIP: Fold the ends od the wire in 3 to thingen the wire a bit       if i speed up the proces, is looks like this:
  Stap 4 - Koinobori's onthe line   Before we can do the LEDs, you need to attach the fishes back on the line       Step 5 - Battery connection   I separated the battery pack from the line so i can attach them to the kite main line. thats wy i soldered a connector to it. I       First tin the wire, than attach it to the connector           I've chosen for CINCH connectors, one M connector on the Line side, one F connector on the Battery pack side   Stap 6 - LED's in the fishes   To attach the LEDs onto the speaker cable i use special skotchlok connectors, these cut into the cable and make a connection with the electrical current.     First you need to split the cable a bit where you want to have your LED.           Then, i click the connector on the wire.             I add the LEDs, beware for + and -         with some universal pliers, you cab close the connector. If everything went well, you can see the LEDs burning (if there is a battery attached to the line)       As last, slide the fish back over the LEDs           Step 7 - Testing In the dark, it should look like this