GOG – Grumpy Old Gits

GOG – Grumpy Old Gits

At the “Rijsbergse vlieger dagen”, we came accross a special group of old people.

GOG @ Rijsbergen – source: Their website

They cal themselves the “Grumpy old Gits”


I came in touch with them @Rijsbergen, they were wondering about my koinobori fishes. They also told me how “shocked” they where about seeing these beautiful fishes by day an when the night fell, -poof- lights on and transforming it into a beautiful night kite.


Recently one of their members asked me guidance for making his own Koinobori, i was happy to help them and i cant wait to see the real deal. This is by far one of the biggest appreciations i have gotten.


You can follow them on following ways

the grumpy old website: grumpyoldgits.org

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/grumpyoldgits.org
(its a closed group, so you need to be accepted to see their stuff)



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