Kite Festival The second edition of the "westende kite festival" was one big time of FUN, beautiful weather, nice wind, a lot of people,... What you ask more The sunday parade yopu can find on page 2 For this festival i made something myself, a piece of line laundry, For the people who doesn't know, Line laundry are is form or figures, kites that cannot fly by themselves, but they need a pilot kite to pul them into the sky my "Koinobori's" (105 pieces of fishes) where a big hit, you can easily spot them in the air and in the pictures. wanna know the meaning and tradition that comes with the koinobori's, go to page 3 enjoy the pictures   Parade Before the Kitefestival on sunday, there was a parade, honoring the fisherman. we and some other kiters also participated, we had flags and kites with us   Koinobori Koinobori (鯉のぼり), meaning "carp streamer" in Japanese, are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no sekku (端午の節句), a traditional calendrical event which is now designated a national holiday; Children's Day (Kodomo no Hi, 子供の日). These wind socks are made by drawing carp patterns on paper, cloth or other nonwoven fabric. They are then allowed to flutter in the wind. They are also known as satsuki-nobori (皐のぼり). Children's Day takes place on May 5, the last day of Golden Week, the largest break for workers and also a week in which businesses usually close for up to 9–10 days. Landscapes across Japan are decorated with koinobori from April to early May, in honor of children for a good future and in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong. DSC_0064 for more info, go to wikipedia