Taiki Productions - Photo's, Kites and more, Is one of my projects, it all started in 2013-14 when i had one of my biggest questions: "How to make pictures in the air/sky without using a drone". After some research, i stumbled across something called KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) and soon i ordered my first real kite, picavet, gopro parts, .... and so on. After a few months of trial and error, it all started to work out as i hoped. One of the biggest problems i had was low wind speeds (2-3bft),  Once again i did the research. After looking at diferent midels and types i chose the maxi dopero, this kite is now one of my most favorite kites. Because you cant have enough kites i bought somme more, in the yours following till now i managed to buy and make some nice and lovely kites. Now my collection is arround 10 kites:
  1. Hq powersled 3.0
  2. Hq powersled 15.0
  3. Maxi dopero
  4. Hq Treczoks cody
  5. Hq Pero (PEarson ROller)
  6. 15m octopus kite
  7. 1 baby kite (always handy if some kids join your day of kiteing)
  8. Hq hoffmans bow,ite sunrise
  9. Koinobori line laundry
  10. Some 2 and 4 liner kites
Now 3 years later the Taiki productions project is grow beyond the KAP, now we're participaiting in kite festivals in Belgium, The Netherlands, France,.... Still we do KAP but we also do a lot more, like showing off. One last thing: "Go fly a kite" and remember have fun and fly safe

Steve Goudeseune Taiki productions Founder